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Back to the Island life! From Puerto Rico to California to Kansas, to the Rockies in Colorado, to Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.


I was born on the island of Puerto Rico, my family was in the military. I grew up with the ocean, tide pools  and caves as my playground near Los Osos, Calif. My love for the ocean and mountains has persisted. I moved to the Big Island in early May of 2018. Kilauea Volcano erupted the day I arrived. That was my welcome from Pele to this amazing Island. Three months later, the lava flow stopped and now the skies are clear and I've been exploring the magical beauty of this island. It is my passion to share it with others who want to have a private, relaxing and luxurious ride. 

I've been in customer service most of my life. Owner of Southwest Studios,a retail business in the midwest, which

promoted Native American heritage and culture. I learned the spirituality of those tribes and now I'm learning about our Polynesians and the history and evolution of the chain of islands known as Hawaii.

There is a nurturing and sweet essence that permeates this island, and it will become a part of you if you allow yourself to breathe it in while you are here.It's such a privilege to be a tour guide in such a lovely place as this.

I've breathed in the Aloha Spirit of this island, which has so much to share with all of us... and I am looking forward to guide you to experience it for yourself.



Aloha Spirit Tours 

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