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A feeling of awe and wonder has come over the Big Island of Hawaii since Mauna Loa began erupting on Sunday, November 27th. Since then we've seen stunning video from helicopter pilots who have posted these on various social media sites. The flow is now emitting from 2 active fissures on the northeast rift zone. Fissure 3 is the most active flow, with plumes that are ranging from 100-140' high and flowing slowly north toward Saddle Road at a pace of .04 miles per hour. Slowing down now due to the flat area that is being entered at this time. Now that the lava has reached this flat area, it will build up and spread instead of flow down as it has these past few days.

It is truly a sight to be seen, as the smoke plumes rise up and collect above the active site, as you see in this image taken by me at Volcanoes National Park at the safe viewing site at the Devastation trail on Old Crater Road ending at this overlook of Kilauea volcano just 7 days before Mauna Loa began erupting. As you can see here, the stars were just beginning to appear above me and two other tour participants, Jane (England) and Trilby (New Zealand) as we watched the sunset and the red glow of the lava appear overhead. The Milky Way Galaxy began its amazing reveal as the sky gradually became darker.

For those who are planning a trip to the Big Island, this is a very sacred time to come. There is no way of knowing how long Mauna Loa will be venting from these two new fissures, or if we will be able to view the lava flow from a vantage point at Mauna Kea, but I do know that from this vantage point at Kilauea, it will be a beautiful and spectacular sight to behold. To feel the energies coming forth from the womb of Pele, bringing these creational energies to the surface of the earth... and experiencing the expansion of Mauna Loa giving birth to new land mass. You can contact me directly at my website for your booking convenience. Private tours available. Up to 4 people per tour. A completely catered experience. Mahalo, and Happy Holidays!


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